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Professional Lighting Systems


HI-PAR is based upon innovation and quality. Our team strive to deliver the most reliable, powerful and pioneering agricultural lighting solutions. Our luminaires, ballasts and reflectors are ideal for medical, industrial and hobby horticulturalists with a variety of applications. Experience the HI-PAR difference today. 

Introducing the new Dynamic DE Control Kits


HI-PAR has earned a global reputation for powerful yet durable horticultural lighting fixtures and we are proud to announce the next generation of HI-PAR Complete kits! Dynamic DE Control Kits incorporated our own HI-PAR Control Technology into our next generation digital ballasts. 


Our kits include the new DE Dynamic Reflector, Digital Ballast and DE (Double-Ended EL) European Agricultural lamps. Unlock the advanced smart-ballast features with our new HI-PAR Control Station! 



Looking for our globally leading range of digital ballasts? We utilise only premium Japanese capacitors for serious durability, longevity and serious PAR output!

Control Station


Unlock Control capabilities with our next-generation technology! Our Control Station allows for unprecedented environmental & lighting control at your fingertips. 



We compiled the very best ballast, reflector and lamp combinations to bring you the most powerful complete luminaires on the global market! 



Our extensive R&D ensures that only the most functional and powerful reflector options are suited to the HI-PAR range. Check our our unique CMH, E40 and DE Reflectors here. 



Our team understands requirements in hobby and commercial agri-facilities. So we provide you with the most useful supplementary components to keep your cultivation clean and clinical! 

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