Dynamic DE Control Kit Range

About the Control Series

Our unique HI-PAR Control Technology allows for precision lighting control at your fingertips! It’s as simple as plug and play with the new HI-PAR Control Station, precisely regulating the operation of HI-PAR Control ballasts. The Control Station cleverly monitors your room temperatures, light timing, automation, dimming, ignition, safety control and more! 


Simply plug the HI-PAR Control Station into your HI-PAR Controllable Ballast using the TRS “Link" cable. Controllable Ballasts can be daisy-chained together, giving you control of up to 400 ballasts in two separate rooms! 


  • Digital light timing, automation and safety control

  • Smart room temperature maintenance



  • Suitable for HI-PAR Control Ballasts

  • Operate up to 400 lights from 1 Control Station (2 Zones)



  • Automatic sunrise / sunset feature

  • Digital power dimming by 1% increments for precise control

The Digital Lighting Control Station

Next-Generation digital technology to monitor and regulate your environment, the HI-PAR CONTROL STATION brings unprecedented precision to your fingertips!

Linkable 400 fixtures - 200 Ballasts on each channel

*Each Zone must utilise the same fixtures in-line; e.g. Zone ‘A’ must be all 600w, and Zone ‘B’ all 315w fixtures.