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About Us

HI-PAR is based on creative innovation and an emphasis for quality. We design and distribute the latest horticultural lighting technology and accessories to global consumers. Our range is tailored towards medical, research, hobby and commercial production cultivation facilities.

HI-PAR Mission


HI-PAR strive to provide the most advanced horticultural technology. We procure the latest agricultural lighting, analysis and environmental regulation equipment.  Our business is built on innovation and a unique identity of conceiving practical original concepts. Our R&D team is always striving to enhance cultivation efficiency and output; without ever compromising consistency or quality. 

HI-PAR Ethos

HI-PAR delivers the best quality agricultural equipment from global providers and manufacturers. We will only utilise the highest quality internal components to ensure true reliability and durability, in all applications.


We understand that agri-equipment needs to withstand harsh environments including humidity and temperature fluctuations; our equipment is engineered in an ISO compliant factory to ensure all components are built to last.

HI-PAR History


Over the past 8 years we have built our brand with a reputation for performance and trustworthy lighting solutions. We back our products with incredible customer support and a variety of practical horticultural resources.

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Our team utilizes cutting edge technologies from around the globe to ensure that the urbanmedical and commercial farmers can access the latest advancements from the protected cropping industries.  Our fixtures have been successfully installed in research facilities, universities, indoor and protected cropping applications around the world.  


HI-PAR is synonymous for pure quality and creative engineering. Upgrade and see the HI-PAR difference in your facility! For more information on how we can improve your production contact our team today.

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